Pursue is a 5-day, interactive program designed specifically for high school students. It equips teens with the tools to resist high-risk activity, to avoid all sexual activity outside of marriage, and to make healthy choices for their future.

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Of students said that the program has influenced them to avoid sexual activity outside of marriage.
Of students agreed that, “By abstaining from sexual activity until marriage, I will be physically healthier than if I do not abstain.”
Of students who were sexually active prior to the program said that the program influenced them to be sexually abstinent until marriage.

What is the Pursue Program?

DAY 1- Living a Life by Design
Choosing Healthy Sexual Activity

Day one of the Pursue program begins by encouraging students to plan for the future by setting goals and realizing that adolescence is a critical time in their lives. We all have physical, mental, ethical, social and emotional components (the whole person model), so our decisions carry consequences in all of these areas. Teen pregnancy and STIs are possible outcomes of sexual activities and can have a significant impact in all of these areas. Students are taught ways to reduce and to eliminate the risks of these possible consequences. Students are encouraged to make decisions now that will set them up for success and freedom in the future.

DAY 2– Developing Wisdom through Critical Thinking
Exercising Strength by Making Wise Choices

Day two addresses the influence of the media on our attitudes and behavior as individuals. With an abundance of sexualized messages and increased accessibility of sexually explicit material, students need to be able to decipher between healthy and unhealthy messages. The second part of this discussion focuses on the importance of building character, exercising self-control, and setting healthy boundaries in dating relationships. Students also learn skills for responding to pressure within a dating relationship.

DAY 3– Setting Boundaries that Value Myself and Others
Showing Courage by Standing up for Myself and Others

Day three of the Pursue program involves educating students on “red flag” behaviors to help them identify unhealthy relationships and abusive behaviors. Students receive information on the dangers and signs of abuse and are given resources and next steps if they recognize signs of an unhealthy relationship. In this presentation, students are also warned about the dangers of alcohol, drugs, and pornography. They are taught practical skills for overcoming pressure from their peers. Planning ahead for pressure situations can help students be more successful in resisting negative pressures.

DAY 4– Committing to Healthy Relationships by Setting a Strong Foundation for my Future

Day four’s presentation equips students to begin preparing for marriage now by discussing the importance of developing a healthy relationship from the start. There is a natural progression to relationships, but when rushed or thrown out of order it may set a couple up for failure rather than success. Incorporating information about the misconceptions of cohabitation, this presentation addresses the benefits of saving sexual activity for marriage, including discussion about the chemical and emotional bonding aspect of sex. Students are again encouraged to think about the “big picture” of their goals and pursue them by making healthy choices now that will increase their opportunities to be successful in the future.

DAY 5– Sexually Transmitted Infections (Medical Information)*

*Day 5 is taught by a Registered Nurse

This presentation by a medical professional is dedicated to educating students on some of the most common Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). The discussion includes information about modes of transmission, symptoms, treatment and health effects, as well as specific information about the effects of STIs on teen health. The program encourages students to consider the difference between risk reduction and risk avoidance with a strong message on the healthy benefits. [This day can be presented with or without the PURSUE presentation.]

How to Get Involved

  • Sign up for a Pursue training to learn more about what we believe and what we teach teens.
  • Sign up to be on a rotation of presenters in Pueblo D60 and D70 high schools.
  • Schedule the Pursue at your school, church, or organization.
  • Talk to your church about “adopting” a nearby high school so the Pursue can be taught in its health classes.