About Us

Our Mission & Vision

EDUCATE teens on the power of healthy decisions

EQUIP teens with the tools to resist risky behavior

EMPOWER teens to reach their goals and dreams

We believe in teens and their ability to make the right decisions when fully informed. We believe that when teens have the support of their families and educators they can be successful in all aspects of life.

Our History

Pueblo Youth Project is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that serves youth and their parents in Pueblo. For the past 21 years Pueblo Youth Project (PYP) has been addressing the adolescent health issues in Pueblo County by equipping middle and high school youth to abstain from high-risk activities; including drugs, alcohol and premarital sex.

Pueblo Youth Project works to educate, equip, and empower teens to live and love well by providing healthy relationship training and peer-to-peer mentoring in Pueblo’s public school system and beyond. We educate and support middle and high-school students about healthy relationship skills including: self esteem and character education, healthy dating strategies and boundary setting, consequences of teen sex, refusal skills to avoid high-risk behaviors, dreaming big and goal setting.

Pueblo Youth Project is an official Community Partner of Pueblo City Schools.

Board of Directors


President: Dee Weber
Vice President: TJ Richardson
Secretary: Barb Rivera
Treasurer: Bob Root


Cindy Lau
Karla Blain
Joe Misiaszek


April Montoya – Pueblo Site Manager
Kyra Williams – Program Coordinator
Simon Loftus – Program Coordinator


Barb Rivera
Allison Gross-Lara